Landscaper Helper

Full-time · $18 - $22 / hour

Major Job Responsibilities:

Field Operation
• Report to work on time.
• Remove loose trash and debris from landscape area before mowing.
• Remove weeds from sidewalks, curb lines, and mulch beds.
• Remove dead flower heads from annual and perennial flowers.
• Report property damage to Crew Leader.
• Help crew load and unload equipment at the job site.
• Review and sign time sheet weekly.
• Remove tree suckers.

Customer Relations
• Know who the customer is.
• Know where the customer parks their car.
• Be aware of walkways he/she uses to get to their office.
• Always be courteous.
• Represents a professional image with all crew members, by maintaining proper employee actions, and through the use of approved DJM uniform
• Know what to do if a customer or anyone else asks a question.

Quality Control
• Learn how to mow patterns and change pattern each week.
• Learn to use the proper equipment for the job being performed.

Equipment Use
• Become certified in the training/certification program (21" mower, 36" mower, 48" & 60" mower, riding mower, blower, edger and weedeater).
• Learn the proper loading and unloading of equipment.
• Know exactly what fuel each piece of equipment requires.

• Attend/participate in company orientation program before performing any work.
• Maintains and promotes safe working conditions in the field at all times
• Must attend and participate in all tailgate meetings.
• Must wear proper PPE at all times.
• Has a "can-do" attitude
• Gets a job done on time and knows what to do next.
• Must be a "team player" and work well with all co-workers.